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Local Property Managers

Attracting Renters & Building Trust

State Wide Art Consultants

Creating Dynamic Systems

Local HVAC Agencies

Website Design to Save Time & Manual to Update In-House

Local Restaurants

Control Over Menus, Events, and Blogs

The Spector Building//
Some clients come to us with problems such as being locked out of their own website back ends, passwords being lost from one management to another, and so forth.
SMJ helped this client unlock the backend of their website when their web developer for over a decade suddenly went out of business and without much help.
Instead of purchasing a whole new domain or building a whole new online presence, we used our Cpanel, Coding, Wordpress, and Database knowledge to bring wed design and development back to the client.
Afterwards, we helped to update the website, provide a user manual for the template and plug-ins installed, and ensure professionalism.

Local Office Rental Agencies

Giving Back Control & Autonomy

For this particular project, our client found herself struggling to keep up the hustle and the technology.
Her old website builder had retired and grandfathered in the building theme.
We went in and helped with the domain transferring process & rebuild the look and feel of her old website with new website best practices like mobile optimization and user experience.
The results are stunning & the back end is more robust for her growing store needs.

Local Artisans

Going from the Old to the New

For this project, the client needed to focus on his zone of genius and delegate out the work on his website.
Our goals consisted of optimizing each webpage, creating a cohesive look, building new pages for new products and services, and focusing on On-Page SEO.
This particular website included over 25 webpages and 100 work hours!
Delegating to SMJ saved this CEO time, sanity, and money!

A Website Overhaul Can Take Time

Local Caterers

Building New Layouts For Constant Updating

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