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Have questions about your current search engine rankings? We can help!


This SEO Audit and Strategy Plan is for the startup business/entrepreneurs that need basic optimization to get them going.

By no means do we mean lacking in components - no, we will go all in together:

- analyze and audit your website's SERF health

- create sitemaps and uplaod them correctly to Google, Bing

- provide a current list of keyword rankings 

- optimize your website structure and back end (SEO Title tags, H1, keyword descriptions, alt tags, canonical tags, Schema Markup, snippets, etc)

- provide a current list of dofollow links

- remove spamming links

- create a healthy link history building plan


Setting up these basic and then creating strategies for you to implement will allow you to make sure your business website is not hidden on Google or Bing, and instead, you or your VA's will have a procedure to analyze search engine traffic, conversions, and patterns on your website until you are able to hire monthly, professional assistance.


By no means is this a one stop solution for your SEO. SEO is an ongoing journey that needs to be reviewed and optimized consistently over time. 

SEO Audit and Strategy Plan

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