Social Marketing Journey has been an integral part of my business. Websites and social media marketing are very complex, and I don't understand it at all, its best for me to do what I am best at, cooking. My catering business has grown over the past 3 years and I am certain it is a direct result of working with Valeryia. I have seen a 30% increase on revenue, great ROI. Valeryia is easy to work with, very accommodating and has great ideas, she really knows her stuff. I would highly recommend using her services if you want to see your business succeed in this competitive market. - Chef Mike Donnerstag

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Filler Content Creation

For the busy entrepreneur.

A golden rule for service or product based businesses is to include non-promotional content. This content should captivate your following's attention, encourage engagement, and provide high value in between launches or sales.

Many entrepreneurs begin to realize that their avenue for selling, social media, includes more work than just automating product launch sequences!

For this client, we freed up his time to focus on formula creation, word of mouth selling, and personal branding while we created bulk content that maintained and passively grew his following.

Monthly Strategy: Create custom filler templates, schedule a calendar for these posts, bulk research industry quotes, sequence coaching tips, and pre-research related hashtags.

Re-asses growth and engagement, adjust for new business objectives, and supplement new product/sale launches monthly.

Grow New Accounts Organically

In a world of advertisements, let's have our customers choose US for once.

An industry being impacted by middle man services like airbnb, expedia, and more - local, family rental businesses are losing ways to authentically communicate with their market. 

Our goal is to bring that easy communication back, move beyond a discounted price tag, and target ad-free leads only.

Step one: Grow Instagram and Facebook accounts to 500 new followers in 30 days via hashtag research, our 9x9 rule, high value content, consistent presence, and nurtured engagement.

Step two: Cultivate a monthly strategy to grow the accounts, set up systems to convert vacation renters, and automate high value content creation.

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Rebranding Campaign

Our Clients Loved the Result

We loved working on this Rebranding Campaign project. It was a project that truly gave us a chance to do something new, shine bright, and take an approach that highlights this brand’s unique value. We did just that. Delivering one-of-a-kind service, in conjunction with measurable results, we brought the client great success that they can truly be proud of.

Step one: Reframe product imagery, unite copy, and redesign sales funnels.

Step two: Schedule high value content around product launches, formulate content creation to match branding theme, and grow audience organically.

Step three: Re-evaluate and scale the project.

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Encouraging Customer Retention

Always a Work in Progress

For this client, we had two major problems to overcome: 1. Client Retention 2. Brand Trust

While in start up phase, this client got away with basic web design that put out menu options, allowed a limited form of menu customization, and a lot of word of mouth trust.

However, once their business objective changed to scaling their business and acquiring passive leads, they needed to stream line brand loyalty, recognition, and trust factor. To us, that meant meeting a level of respectable, coherent, and professional design that began with a Landing Page for new leads (and capturing emails for retargeting) and continued into a membership style homepage.

We cleaned up the ordering process and added new features such a segmentation, minimum order policies, and retention methods.

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Delegating for the Busy CEO

A Website Overhaul Can Take Time

For this project, the client needed to focus on his zone of genius and delegate out the work on his website.
Our goals consisted of optimizing each webpage, creating a cohesive look, building new pages for new products and services, and focusing on On-Page SEO.
This particular website included over 25 webpages and 100 work hours!
Delegating to SMJ saved this CEO time, sanity, and money!

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Ready to Upgrade and Transfer

Going from the Old to the New

For this particular project, our client found herself struggling to keep up the hustle and the technology.
Her old website builder had retired and grandfathered in the building theme.
We went in and helped with the domain transferring process & rebuild the look and feel of her old website with new website best practices like mobile optimization and user experience.
The results are stunning & the back end is more robust for her growing store needs.

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Correcting Previous Pro Mistakes

Giving Back Control & Autonomy

Some clients come to us with problems such as being locked out of their own website back ends, passwords being lost from one management to another, and so forth.
SMJ helped this client unlock the backend of their website when their web developer for over a decade suddenly went out of business and without much help.
Instead of purchasing a whole new domain or building a whole new online presence, we used our Cpanel, Coding, Wordpress, and Database knowledge to bring wed design and development back to the client.
Afterwards, we helped to update the website, provide a user manual for the template and plug-ins installed, and ensure professionalism.

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